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Over the 23 years, IDS International has built a genuine, long-lasting relationship with more than 200,000 Healthcare Professionals who are involved in educating patients with both online and offline services.
This supports Healthcare Professionals, saving their valuable time.

World's largest “patient brochure” online library
IDS has successfully developed a unique website that enables Healthcare Professionals to order patient education materials whenever they need them.
Increasingly, Healthcare Professionals are turning to the web to obtain important information for their patients.
Through Brochures Online, we can provide healthcare professionals with a quick, easy, convenient way to get information brochures into the hands of their patients. IDS manages the entire program, including logistics, handling, maintenance and follow up reporting.

Over 400 field representatives to support your health campaign

In every country, IDS operates with a team of trained and experienced field service representatives.
They are responsible for the maintenance of our information networks, but they are also performing various activities. For example, visiting a large number of medical institutions to personally deliver samples, literature, magazines or other health related materials.

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