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Offering a wide range of solutions to provide the healthcare consumer with the answers that they are looking for, IDS International is the only company that can bring it to them at the moment that they are the most concerned.

Engaging, informing and influencing health-conscious consumers at the point-of-care
IDS has a long standing track record of providing solutions to effectively and efficiently communicate about disease awareness and prevention, lifestyle adaptation, social and welfare issues, personal wellness and other health concerns with Healthcare Consumers. To that end, we at IDS have developed our own medical content and also put into place various Health Networks reaching millions of Healthcare Consumers directly at the point-of-care.

Crafting the right messages and delivering them to the right place at the right time
IDS can provides over 23 years’of experience, facilitating communications between patients and Healthcare Professionals. Our team of medical experts is specialised in creating online and offline proprietary content to achieve better understanding and dialogue between patients and Healthcare Professionals.
IDS is dedicated to providing high quality information coming from impeccable sources and with a high degree of reliability and trustworthiness. Only such information will sustainably find its way and be readily acceptable at the point-of-care, giving consumers a level of confidence about the reliability of the information they receive.

A global network reaching millions of health care consumers every day
Our Primary Care Network offers by far the most important interface between patients and the healthcare system for the overwhelming majority of Healthcare Consumers. We provide and maintain unique, proprietary brochure displays in the waiting rooms of family doctors, supplemented by a Healthcare Poster Network, supported by online media.
Specialist and pharmacy networks in carefully selected countries allow for a tailor-made segmented approach

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